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goyard handbags cheap Never was this more apparent than when petulant wide receiver DeSean Jackson was deactivated for disciplinary reasons before a home game against the Arizona Cardinals that proved to be the season defining flashpoint.The lethargic Eagles lost that game by blowing their fifth fourth quarter lead of the season to fall to 3 6. Jackson apologized, but his words rang hollow, just as they did when he apologized again at the end of the season for apparently failing to live up to the terms of his first apology.Despite all that added on to a disastrous regression by quarterback Michael Vick (and backups Vince Young and Mike Kafka) in which they were victimized by 25 interceptions and 38 total turnovers, the Eagles finished just one win shy of the playoffs.By giving Reid just one year to clean all of this up, Lurie is making the right call, showing the exact proper amount of restraint. He senses, www.replicagoyardbags.com like most others who follow this team, that this group can make a bona fide run toward toward the organization’s first Lombardi Trophy with a full offseason in which the newer players can take the all important step forward and the older ones, like Vick, can take a step back toward 2010, when he terrorized the league with his left arm and both of his legs.Actually, the process has already begun with the announcement on Saturday that the Eagles have fired secondary coach Johnnie Lynn, the only other person on the staff besides Castillo to have run an entire defense at the pro level.It is almost certainly a prelude to more coaching changes designed to get their underachieving linebackers and secondary pointed in the same direction by the start of 2012, not the middle of it.Reid, Lurie reasoned, has a better chance of getting it turned around in time for next season than anyone cheap goyard handbags from the outside.No argument here.Then, if Reid fails one more time, he would need to be gone, which is was not said but certainly implied when Lurie said he did not see a contract extension for Reid, who is signed through 2013, in the immediate future.»Amidst all the anger and frustration, I’m really excited about this team,» Lurie said. goyard handbags cheap

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