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«We want to make sure the tests we’re giving are preparing to teach our students well, of course, and that’s the intent of these news tests, and that’s something we shouldn’t back away from,» DPI spokesman Drew Elliott said. «But any time you introduce new tests, you have teachers who aren’t used to those tests, you have students who aren’t used to those tests. So, you’re going to see a dip (in scores).».

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Wholesale Replica Bags Pass protection allowed three sacks on 11 drop backs. Steven Dunbar ripped the Mids secondary for 8 catches and 142 yards. Next: Dec. That’s a stone cold winner for his https://www.i-eluxuryhandbags.com Designer Replica Handbags efforts to unify the GOP. Why? Because large swaths of the Republican base have spent the last almost 20 years frustrated that their party leaders weren’t willing (or willing enough) to directly confront the Clintons about their moral character (or lack thereof). That Trump won’t apologise for calling Hillary Clinton an «enabler» of her husband is exactly the sort of rhetoric that conservatives have been waiting the last two decades for Wholesale Replica Bags.