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Moved to Dong Ha in August of 1968. First Lt. Casey had joined us earlier that year in Red Beach as our Company Commander, we were all thankful for that especially after we arrived in Dong Ha. Mackey at South Park Elementary.Every decision you make in terms of traits and character descriptions doesn’t affect the game as a whole but do change the way others interact with you.It’s little details like this that proves Ubisoft have thankfully stayed true to the source material and have really pushed the boat out to make the game a different entity to its predecessor.Class system: With great power comes great responsibilityWith swords and bows swapped for superpowers here, the emphasis is no longer on your weaponry, but rather the abilities and powers you unlock.Tell us what you thinkComment BelowThis means that the class you pick is much more important than in the previous game.Initially, there are three classes to choose from Brutalist, Blaster, and Speedster. Each one comes with different attacks, abilities, and backstory. For example, the Brutalist has powerful close combat moves, while the Blaster can deal damage from a safe distance.I chose to blast my enemies with my butt, something which never got old in my opinion, and delivered one of the funniest special moves in the game.

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