I have to say that given what I know about human nature

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Replica Valentino bags No wonder there are those of us who are clinging desperately to the past and seeking its reinstatement. But there’s no going back. These changes good or bad, no matter have taken place, are taking place before our eyes. To deny them is to deny reality, which is unhelpful. When I say we need to re think ourselves, I’m envisioning the need for adaptive changes so radical as to be almost unthinkable. The current stalemate in «the greatest country in the world» suggests to me that we are approaching a no exit situation; that we shall all, increasingly, find ourselves at loggerheads, unable to find our way around our own prejudices and certainties. I have to say that given what I know about human nature, I see no good outcome short of wars and famines, climatic disasters, and other thus far unimaginable catastrophes. Replica Valentino bags

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