«It can be tempting to let your shoulders drop during this move

A quiet farmer has shared his struggle with depression this week after seeing comedian Jono Pryor break down in tears on live TV over a close friend’s suicide.But then he saw Jono and Ben’s March 17 show, where Pryor wept openly about the death of his friend Tim Hutchens and encouraged Kiwis to ask for help if they were dealing with mental health struggles.That was the «tipping point» for the 35 year old Mickleson to write a heartfelt open essay detailing how the struggles of farming sent him spiralling into depression.In the spring of 2010, he watched the last 11 months’ farm work crumble in the face of four weeks of persistent rain.Lambs died, calves were struggling to thrive. «It was a nightmare,» Mickleson wrote in his 1000 word post, which was shared on NZ Farming’s Facebook page.»There was no respite. Every day was a slog, putting on already saturated wet weather gear, and walking to and from work helplessly watching as the previous 11 months’ work sat down and died around me,» he wrote.»One day toward the end of it canadagooseofficials.ca, trudging home through the mud, I ground to a halt.

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