Life Drain The Life Stealer melee weapon

To show his dissatisfaction he stabs Cook in the eye with a fork, stabs him repeatedly in the throat with a knife and tells Nino «Now it’s your turn to clean up after me.» Cook had participated in the heist so he was a loose end to be killed like anyone else involved.

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wholesale replica handbags Medic Agony Beam The Pain Gun. Combat Medic Deadly Doctor One of their skills is even called Death Medic. Healing Shiv Beam Heal guns and Nanite guns. Not to be confused with their melee weapon of choice which does exactly what a shiv is supposed to do. Jack of All Stats Many consider Medics to be this, due to how well rounded their arsenal of poisons and healing devices is and they don’t really have to sacrifice their healing ability for offense. Life Drain The Life Stealer melee weapon, and the Soul Stealer grenade. The Medic Playing with Syringes Medics get an oversized combat knife with a built in syringe with blades tacked onto it as their melee weapon. It’s aptly called the «Poison Injector». Then there’s a pimped out version dubbed the Life Stealer, which looks like a portable steam powered blood pump. Poisoned Weapons wholesale replica handbags

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