On to the next exhibition, Bridget Riley: Flashback

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Hermes Birkin Replica The first stage of what Avery Quash and Sheldon call Eastlake’s «three protocols of connoisseurship» consists of first hand and proto scientific analysis of works of art; a subdivision of this involved taking exact measurements and accurate transcriptions of any inscriptions, dates, signatures, monograms and ciphers. Though Eastlake spent a lot of time in the archives studying signatures, he was the inferior of Otto Mndler, the NG’s travelling agent who was more skilled at the «morphology of artist’s signatures.» Other sub sections of this first protocol consisted of technical examination involving the use of chemists, which would eventually lead to the establishment of the scientific department of the National Gallery. This is hardly surprising as Eastlake was keenly interested in the materials and supports of artists; he published Materials for a History of Oil Painting in 1847 Hermes Birkin Replica.