Part 2: Apollo 1 depicts the tragic Apollo 1 fire

Mazinger Z: In episode 46 Dr. Part 2: Apollo 1 depicts the tragic Apollo 1 fire https://www.pandorabraceletjewelry.com/like-me-you-will-be-thinking-of-your-next-visit-as-you-walk/, and the investigation that followed it. Although how popular she really was is a bit open to interpretation given her personality and when she finally runs into one of her old high school friends (who strongly implies she was more than just a friend), Alice explicitly rejects her.

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No matter how dead they look.. That, and he indulges her Token Evil Teammate tendencies. The second states that the anime was planned to be titled Control but was shortened to C when they found out that a show with a similar title would be on the air at the same time.

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