The 70 percent average of materials recycled is more than twice

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Canada Goose online Now, his buildings are carefully taken apart to separate the concrete, metals, wood cagoosestore.ca, shingles and lights.Buildings have become the surprising star of the recycling movement.The 70 percent average of materials recycled is more than twice the recycling rate for cans, bottles, paper and plastic, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.you tear up a highway or take down a shopping center, the general public doesn realize how much goes into landfills, Turley said.Heavy demolition adds hundreds of millions of tons to the amount of recycled materials nationwide. But recycling of bottles and cans gets most of the attention because where the votes are, said Turley.call cans and bottles a cute little waste stream. Products are more likely to come from recycled buildings than from the green bins on suburban driveways, said the Demolition Association Taylor Canada Goose online.