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Designer Replica Bags Also, plans to add money for curriculum planning and programming for gifted students will not be possible and a plan to reduce third grade class sizes from 23 to 19 had to be scrapped, Jordan said Wednesday.Although our enrollment has grown from 650 in 2001 to 663 in 2002, we have decreased [full time equivalent staff positions],» Jordan wrote in a budget overview.The big chunks of the budget and the percentage changes in Jordan’s recommended spending plan are as follows:Regular education, which includes teachers’ salaries, increases by $82,732, or 4.17 percent, to a total of $2,064,434. Last fall, a deal with teachers gave them raises of 5.3 percent in each of the next two fiscal years. Not all teachers will receive the full increase, and teachers https://www.cnreplicabags.com/ agreed to increase the amount they pay for health insurance Designer Replica Bags.