The earlier SWAT 3 avoided this trope if you took a mission

Golden Age Superman smashing a car into Modern Superman in the same way he smashed a car on the cover of Action Comics 1. The earlier SWAT 3 avoided this trope if you took a mission involving a home invasion http://lubaoflying.com/stories-of-samuel-failed-effort-to-rejoin-the-community-segue/, and the call up tells you the family had children, you will very well find and rescue those children.

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Except that boy turned out to be a body double for the real Haruki who was working with Natsume and Miko who were secretly acting as Aya’s friends. Couch Gag: The final shot of the intros for each sketch differs, and tends to fit the context of Mac’s current predicament (In one sketch series, we see MacGruber giving a thumbs up to the camera, proud of being sober for fifteen years, then drinking a beer, and then finally, drunkedly walking past the camera.) The intro song also changes this way, starting pretty close to the page quote and drifting for each skit.