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We’ve all heard that 93% of communication is nonverbal. While I’m not sure how one actually measures such a squishy thing, there is indeed truth in the notion that our words alone are not our only way of sending messages. Our facial expressions, volume, tone of voice, and body language combine to send messages as well..

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Hermes Belt Replica I could have wallowed in self pity and been ruined. Instead, I used it as an opportunity to relocate closer to family. I took a lesser position that allowed me outside time to be creative and fulfilled. Liverpool celebrate Jon Flanagan’s new contract with clip of THAT tackle on Raheem SterlingLiverpool fans will absolutely love this.17:46, 19 MAR 2016Updated18:08, 19 MAR 2016Run, Raheem! Run, while you still can! (Image: Liverpool FC via Getty) Having made his return from a lengthy injury lay off back in December, Jon Flanagan has slotted right back into the Liverpool line up in the last few months.Considering that he was out of action for well over a year and a half, the 23 year old’s return to form has been quite astounding. He’s produced plenty of highlights since his emotional first game back at Anfield.A certain tackle on Raheem Sterling amongst them.Playing in Liverpool’s 3 0 league win over Manchester City earlier this month, Flanagan decided to make his mark on his former teammate early on in the match. With barely a minute on the clock, he clattered into Sterling with a robust challenge.Now, Liverpool have rewarded him in appropriate fashion with a new long term contract and a personal highlights reel led on THAT tackle.The Sterling challenge is first amongst the club’s «reasons to love Jon Flanagan» Hermes Belt Replica.